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Pillow cover manufacturing method

Pillow cover manufacturing method


DIY has now become a popular option. Making a DIY pillowcase can bring more warmth and comfort to the family. How to make a pillowcase? Here's a brief introduction to how pillowcases are made.

Many people at home will have some outdated scarves, skirts, etc. It will be a pity that the whole thing will be thrown away. This time, it can be changed into something more practical. The practice of pillowcases is relatively simple, and even the hands and fingers can be completed, and the outdated fabrics can be used well.

Pillowcase approach

1) First measure the size of the pillows at home, including length and width.

2) Then prepare three pieces of cloth, one of which is a pillow surface, symbol A, and the other two are pillow bottoms, symbol BC. In cutting, the width of the three fabrics is the same, ABC width is the same, more than the width of the pillow about 4cm, A is 4cm more than the length of the pillow, the sum of the length of BC is 15cm more than the length of A.

3) After cutting is completed, curl one side of BC by about 2cm, and then overlap and fix it to become a whole and become a cloth with a gap D. The length of D is the same as A. Finally, the opposite side of AD is stitched. Leave a mouth of about 0.6cm, from the D crevice, the front stitching again, you can use to make the stitching more beautiful, so that the completion of the pillowcase production, you can install the pillow.

If you think the pillowcase above is too monotonous, you can add a lotus leaf to the production process, which is full of romance.

1) According to the size of the pillow core cutting pillowcase front, rear, cut length and width of each piece of the pillow increased by 2.5 cm; lotus leaf edge length of the pillow core 2 to 3 times, lotus leaf width of 6 to 12 cm . The front of the ruffle fabric is opposite, the two ends of the sewing are in a ring shape, and the ring fabric is folded back on the opposite side and divided into four equal sections. Each section is marked with a cut of 1 cm at the edge of the fabric.

2) Put a solid thin cotton rope (or nylon rope) into the edge of the ruffle fabric and stitch it with a wider zigzag stitch. When sewing, the thin cotton thread is in the center of the zigzag stitch. Place the lotus leaf around the front panel of the pillowcase. The four cut marks are aligned with the midpoints of the four sides of the pillowcase and secured with a bead.

3) Tighten the fine cotton rope so that the lotus leaves are evenly pleated and then fixed with a bead.

Ruffled pillowcase manufacturing method

4) Suture the ruffles on the four sides of the front pillow case.

5) Put the pillowcase back sheet to the front sheet, so that the lotus leaf is located between the front and back sheets, the front and rear sheets are fixed, leaving 20 centimeters back without seams.

6) The pillowcases are turned from the back to the front, inserted into the pillow core, and returned to the basting to complete the production of the flannelette pillowcases.

The above is the introduction of pillowcase making methods. Pillowcases are a relatively easy-to-make item. For those who like manuals, they can purchase their favorite fabrics or old fabrics at home. It is easy to have a new pillowcase. I hope the above introduction can help you.

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